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Leave Everything Behind

Welcome to Great Desert Walks

Nearly 20 percent of the Australian continent is officially classified as desert, and it can sometimes be difficult to access these remote areas and safely go bushwalking.


Great Desert Walks provides you with two options to walk in these ancient landscapes on a unique bushwalking experience that has a heritage stretching back to 1860, and was around long before the term ecotourism was even thought of. 


You can take a 'good old fashioned' camel trek with Outback Camel Company or + science and join an Australian Desert Expeditions survey.

A Desert Trek or Expedition with the Outback Camel Company

Outback Camel Company has been walking and exploring in nearly all Australia's deserts since 1976, and has a vast experience and knowledge of remote desert travel

A Scientific/Ecological Survey with Australian Desert Expeditions

Australian Desert Expeditions is a Registered Environmental Organisation established in 2007 specifically to document the natural history and First Nations history of remote deserts

Both options are 100% walking experiences in remote areas with the camels carrying all of your gear, as we believe that packcamels are still the best way to explore our great deserts with the smallest environmental padprint possible.

You do not require any previous desert walking experience nor have any knowledge of desert ecology to join these Great Desert Walks. Just a love of a grand open sky, a silence driven by an ancient landscape, and a curious mind to learn more about our great national story.

Be prepared for the real thing - walking and living in the Strzelecki Desert and Sturt Stony Desert on a true wilderness experience. We call it Desert Bushwalking.
Whichever Great Desert Walk option you take, the treks begin where the roads stop - in fact if ever contemporary walking treks were described as 'off the beaten track' these would be it - there are no tracks or roads where we go and on most treks we are blazing a new path across the red dunes, alongside the inland river systems, or across vast gibber flats and desert claypans. 

Trekking with our amiable, charismatic camels offers an intimacy with the soul of the country that is completely absent when travelling by vehicle, reconnecting you to the landscape, allowing a continuum of discovery, which is important to understanding the heart of this ancient land.

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Great Desert Walks 2024 schedule

 Outback Camel Company

2024 Itinerary

 Australian Desert Expeditions

2024 Itinerary

Sturt Stony/Strzelecki Desert  May 17 > May 23

Sturt Stony/Burke & Wills        June 7 > June 17

Strzelecki Desert 1                   July 23 > August 1

Strzelecki Desert 2                   August 2 > Aug 12

Bare Sole Full Moon                August 16 > Aug 26

Strzelecki/Sturt Stony Desert  August 27 > September 2


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Diamantina/Sturt Stony Desert          May 28 > June 6

Strzelecki Desert/Cooper Creek 1     June 21 > June 27

Strzelecki Desert/Cooper Creek 2     June 28 > July 8

Strzelecki Desert/Cooper Creek 3     July 9 > July 18

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